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From childhood choirboy and school play solos, music has been part of my life from an early age. From the late 90s until the mid 2000s I was in a band he formed with Justin Duance called Sanguine. We each played guitar and sang, alternating lead and harmonies. We also played other instruments and gadgets as we came across them. Occasionally the duo was expanded to a trio with the addition of David Ratcliffe (bass), Duncan Ward (wierdness) and Joe Parfitt (drums). Justin and I played acoustic gigs in London and recorded several demos.
Since then I have recorded and performed solo as benjamin_sanguine, DJed as Famous Pizzas, and recorded more experimental work as f_p wiseacre influenced by electronic music and hip hop. In 2001 the Sanguine guys (including Duncan) joined forces with Portsmouth-based 'Space Honk' duo negative PANDA for a one-off performance at The Barn. After forming a trio with Matt Douglas to play at the Klinker in Dalston in 2002, I collaborated with Duncan Ward (aka New Low) as Samneric, an experimental and often site-specific improvisation duo. This lead to the monthly CDR album series Burn Offerings in 2004-5. My most recent solo works have been released under my own name. 

New song (Aug 2020) 'The South Downs' here

Benjamin played a selection of covers and his own compositions at St Peter's Curdridge, Hampshire, Vintage Fete, 11 August 2018.


I make have been making short films since art college, originally using cine and video and latterly digital. Find some examples on my YouTube channel:

Moby Dick, 2020

An improvised drawing intepreted in sound

Inside, 2020

A stop motion collage with soundtrack

Images and text from Financial Times Weekend Magazine 25/04/2020. 

Unicorn, 2018

by Ben Whitaker

Short film created with cardboard sign made by my kids. Why does the unicorn not have a horn? Surely that's the key selling feature of a unicorn.