Accidental baking love, Winchester 2017 by Benjamin Whitaker
Sunset and Raindrops, Winchester 2017 by Benjamin Whitaker
Shells on Driftwood, Thurlestone Devon, 2019 by Benjamin Whitaker
The Darkness is Past, memorial, Botley, 2017 by Benjamin Whitaker
Storm over Kender Street, New Cross 2003 by Benjamin Whitaker
Madonna of the Stripes, Bermondsey, 2009 by Benjamin Whitaker
Railway Sleeper (i), 2006 by Benjamin Whitaker
Swans from Fareham Creek, c.2003 by Benjamin Whitaker
Still Life with Tensator Barriers, c.2000 by Benjamin Whitaker
School Wall Apocalypse, c.2006, by Benjamin Whitaker
Telegraph, Penzance, c.2003 by Benjamin Whitaker
Soft Toy Wash Day, New Cross, c.2008 by Benjamin Whitaker
Station Pillar Paint Composition, Winchester 2018 by Benjamin Whitaker
Crystal Global, New Cross Gate, 2008 by Benjamin Whitaker
Old Kent Road Composition, 2010 by Benjamin Whitaker
Plastic City, apocalypse, 1998 by Benjamin Whitaker
Elephant and Castle Market, 2005 by Benjamin Whitaker
Adrian's Electronics Project, 1999 by Benjamin Whitaker

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Visual Artist

Creative Culture Professional

Winchester | Southampton | London | England | UK


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New work: 

New Painting (July 2021)

'Site of Lordship Lane Station after Camille Pissarro' in online group exhibition Afters. 

New Video: 'Moby Dick', (Nov 2020)

improvised drawing interpreted in sound

New song 'The South Downs' (Aug 2020)

Inside, 2020
(a stop motion collage with soundtrack)

Unicorn, 2018
short film

I am visual artist primarily working in drawing, photography, film, found object sculpture, installation, sound and sometimes paint. I like fiddling with old tech like tape, film, and analogue synths.

I write music which I record and perform, mainly with voice and guitar. I also compose avant garde music and improvised sound, electronic music and DJ from old vinyl. I have worked solo and in bands. I write songs, poetry, fiction, cultural commentary and reviews.

I have worked in museums and galleries and public art institutions for over 20 years, primarily focusing on visitor engagement, managing and motivating teams and the cultural heritage retail offer. In my professional positions I have been an active advocate for equality, diversity and inclusive access.

I am passionate about mentoring and encouraging new talent and engaging young people and diverse audiences with all forms of cultural and creative expression.

I have fulfilled freelance commissions for portrait photography, website design, logo and poster design. I have voluntary experience of magazine editing, live PA sound, festival stewardship, running toddler groups and youth clubs.

sanguinearts has been online in one form or another since 1999. 

about me

sanguinearts is the online presence of artist, musician and cultural creative Benjamin Whitaker

Image of Benjamin Whitaker in his studioby Andy Read